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The winners of 547 Bulans Project.

537 Bulans Project el equipo quiere agradecer a muchos artistas que participaron en el concurso, los patrocinadores que han contribuido a los premios, nuestra calidad de Jueces, para hacer este concurso sea un éxito.

537 Bulans Project team wants to thank the many artists who participated in the contest, the sponsors who have contributed to the awards, our quality of judges, to make this contest a success.

The First Prize: Aukan Animation-studios | Chile | Wenu Mapu (Above The Earth)

The Second Prize: MarceLo Ojeda Gonzalez | Chile | The Last Goodbye

The Third Prize: Marcus Teo Tze Ping Malaysia | Memories

The Fourth Prize: Romie Valentino Indonesia | Pakcik Kite Workshop

The Fifth Prize: Nurul Adila Sunny Malaysia | Making of Wau

Honorary Mention:
Zack Mierza, Phil Buerer, Ernest Kośka, Aurora Tresde, Alaa Alnahlawi

Organised by
Afiq Sairi
Entropié C. DeVille
Anna Radulova
537 Bulans Project Team
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