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Making Of | The Indian Railway Station.

Hello everyone,
I would like to thank CG Vertex for this opportunity and I am pleased to do the making of my first
project in Corona Renderer.

Let me introduce the project first – The Indian Railway Station.
I am always nostalgic about the old railway stations which I use to sit and enjoy watching trains pass by in the evenings. I simply wanted to visualize it with 3DS Max.

As the new Corona Renderer is in town, I thought I should give it a try.
Since this is a railway scene, I wanted it to look as messy as it can. Let me break down how I created the
scene :

As always, the first door to the reference collection is Google. I’ve collected pictures from different
views and with different trains, locomotives and stations.

Since there are many varieties of locomotives running on duty, I had to choose the one I like the most – WAP – 4 as a key subject. I found the drawing of the locomotive from Indian Railways Fan Club to start the modeling.

I started with the locomotive model with the help of the drawing and photos. This is a straight forward
modeling phase. Major details were added once the basic model is in shape.

Followed by the model of wagon cars and passenger boggies in similar fashion.

Scene setup:
Once the train components are modelled, I put them on rail tracks which are simple models with repetitive layouts.

The camera is placed in an angle overlooking the main loco.
The overhead electrical line posts are modeled with the blueprint from Indian Railway Authority and placed along the tracks.

The area between two tracks in the camera are filled with grass, some signsboards and pieces of rail etc.


When it comes to this part, Itoo’s Forestpack is my first choice. I distributed some lawn grass and plants
with size variation and placement between the focal area between two tracks. This is always seen in these places which adds to the beauty of its environment.

Additionally, I placed some trees in the background outside the station area to make it more natural. ( Honestly, I’ve never seen a railway station without those beautiful trees in India and I love it ).
I chose these trees from Laubwerk tree library which is additionally installed.

Other scene elements:
I then proceeded to model other elements including:
Station buildings
signal posts
overhead bridges etc;

Materials & Shading:
The material editing of Corona Renderer is straight forward to work.
The Locomotive materials are all mix maps with dirt and body paints. I could have made it more dirtier.
But hey, at times I see cleaner trains too :) Here is the material preview of the loco:

Materials of Wheels :

Materials of Boggies & Wagons :

I applied rusted and weathered metal textures on most parts of the scene :

Gravel material with displacement :

Rail track Material:

Lighting & Rendering:
I used the Corona Sun as the main light source. As it is a daylight scene, this was enough to create the look.

Here is the render setup:

I used the Corona Bloom and Glare during the rendering process.

Post production:
Here is the raw render of the scene:

I've added more stuffs like scratches, leaks and dust here and there in the overall scene in postproduction.

Here is the final output:

And the clay render:

That's it ! Hope you enjoyed my little article on the making of 'The Indian Railway Station'

Thank you!

We thank Ramees Muhammed for their collaboration of this Making Of. We recommend that you visit their Portfolio, which is sure to be very interesting. artstation /Ramees Muhammed

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