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Top Scritps for 3ds Max

Script for 3ds Max
We're going to take a look at top plugins which you really should check out. Hopefully you'll find a good mix of options here.

by: breidt
If you need to enlarge the frame of a camera without altering the perspective of your original composition.
Useful utility if you need extra margins in your renderings - it adjusts your camera and render settings so that your old image will be part of the new rendering without changing perspective - just like changing 'Canvas Size' in Photoshop, but in 3D.

Dashed lines generator
is a tool to automate, in few and easy steps, the creation process for each kind of dashed line: it can be used to simulate the traffic signs standards; with the SKIN MODIFIER option it's extremely easily to manipulate the dashed lines created, changing their placement and orientation. By this script the user can have an interactive creation process of the dashed line, with a real time preview into the 3DS Max viewports.

Author: Raffaele Schiavullo

FloorGen Tools
by: hqdetails

Make FloorGenerator even better
Script requirements:
FloorGenerator 2 Plugin
3dsMax 2013+

Relink Bitmaps
by: Colin Senner
This tool is available to the community for free, but I kindly request if you see the value in time this tool saves you, that you donate whatever you can to help me pay off student loans. Every donation helps immensely.

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