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IvyGenerator 2020

Script/Plugin to generate ivy’s for 3Ds Max 2020

Guillermo Leal has announced that he is developing a new Ivy Generator plugin for 3DS Max. This will be good news for Max users who depended on the original Ivy Grow plugin by Guruware that was discontinued several years ago.

Like the Guruware plugin, Guillermo’s new version is a port of Thomas Luft’s open-source Ivy Generator tool. Originally the new version was created in Maxscript, but due to performance issues it has since been made as a GUP plug-in with the most processor-intensive parts written in C++ and made accessible through Maxscript. According to Guillermo, the current prototype is using C++ to grow the ivy while the branches and leaves are added using Maxscript. Growing the branches in the C++ plugin is planned for the future.

You can see a demo of the current state of the plugin in the video above and follow the development on Guillermo’s website.

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